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JS Aviation - your partner in business flights  and air cargo

About JS Aviation


We are passionate about making business aviation Sensible. As part of Everyday operations in efficient logistics for both people and cargo, business aviation can make the difference between success and mediocracy for your business today. JS Aviation was created to help you achieve your goals in business with the help of Sensible Aviation Solutions.

JS Aviation is a Finnish airline with its heart in almost 40 years of aviation technology and maintenance experience from Joen Service. We operate in Europe from our base in Finland. We work closely with the Finnish Aviation Safety Authority to ensure safe quality aviation services meeting all European standards set by EASA. Our operating license FI.AOC.042 covers both passenger and cargo operations and allows us to operate anywhere in Europe.


Our aircraft are reliable and dependable aircraft suited to short and medium Haul business aviation operations with good economy. Our strong maintenance and airworthiness management background makes us an ideal partner to manage your aircraft as part of our airline allowing you to share your aircraft with your partners and benefit from operating with a professional service provider.

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