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Shuttle flights Joensuu-Kuopio-Joensuu



JS Aviation offers shuttle flights between Joensuu and Kuopio airports. Our goal is to offer customers a quick way  to get to Kuopio Airport, from where Finnair operates flights to Helsinki and other destinations. The shuttle connection, like other modes of transport, is an independent customer  connection to the airport. The customer is responsible for any further connections and related obligations. JS Aviation's service is not connected with  Finnair or flights operated by Finnair. We also offer a return shuttle flight  from Kuopio Airport to Joensuu.

The JS Aviation shuttle  flight from Joensuu to Kuopio departs approximately one hour  before the departure time of the Finnair flight departing from Kuopio and arrives in Kuopio approximately one hour before the departure time of the Finnair flight departing from Kuopio.

Only hand luggage (max 8kg) is allowed on shuttle flights. This expedites the process of boarding both in Joensuu and for the Finnair flight in Kuopio. Passenger Security Checking is already done in Joensuu. This means that passengers who have themselves completed their check in for their Finnair flight, by eg. mobile application or other means, can  go directly to the Finnair departure gate in Kuopio for boarding with their Finnair boarding pass.  

The flight from Kuopio is operated in accordance with the time on customer  reservations, so that the planned shuttle flight  departure time is 30 minutes  after the scheduled  Landing of the Finnair flight.

The flight time between Joensuu and Kuopio is about 30 minutes. You must be at the airport at the latest 15 minutes before departure.  

Bookings for shuttle flights can be made by clicking  the button below.  

Flights will be flown by JS Aviation's own Chieftain Fleet. The Chieftain is an aircraft very well suited  for short and medium range flights  and offers passengers a fast and uncomplicated connection to Kuopio.

JS Aviation is a Finnish airline whose roots are in the almost 40 years of experience of Joen Service Oy  in aviation services. We operate in Northern Europe from our Headquarters in Joensuu, offering charter flights tailored to customers' needs. We work closely with the Finnish Aviation Authority, Traficom, to ensure safe air operations  in accordance with the rules set by the European Aviation Authority (EASA). Our Air Operator License FI.AOC.042 enables both passenger and cargo flights and allows us to operate internationally in Europe.

Our shuttle flights are subject to our general conditions of carriage, which can be found  here .

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