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JS Aviation Flight Services

Charter Flights for Business & Groups

A successful meeting and efficient teamwork both require smooth logistics and time to focus on the task at hand. JS Aviation enables this by taking care of getting you and your team to and from the right locations at the right time. Flying with dependable and economical aircraft means that you get the best of both worlds, avoiding congestion and benefiting from sensible logistics.


JS Aviation is an airline dedicated to meet your travel and logistics needs with sensible solutions that are usable in everyday business. Matching reliable aircraft, professional service and our 30 years of aviation maintenance & support experience means that you will get a solution that works and is tailored to your need.


Air Cargo

Flexible Air Cargo is an extension of efficient business processes connecting seamlessly with manufacturing or service production. JS Aviation is your partner in enabling economical air cargo solutions for small and medium sized cargo needs to and from locations where mass logistics simply don't make sense. 


Corporate Aircraft Solutions

Our airline is set up not only to cater to flying needs of businesses but also to allow you to make the best use of your own corporate aircraft. JS Aviation was born out of a need to ensure sensible general aviation solutions in a growingly complex European aviation environment. Your aircraft deserves to be available for your business and your partners in the way you choose so that you get the most of your investment. Leveraging over 30 years of aviation support expertise, JS Aviation is your partner for sensible corporate aviation solutions.

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