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Flying to your destination?
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JS Aviation was created to simplify aviation services in Europe’s increasingly complex aviation environment so that more and more people can reap the benefits of flying. 

A Finnish airline with deep roots in North Karelia, Liperi.

JS Aviation originated as part of Joen Service Oy, which has been a service provider in the aviation industry for 40 years. Close co-operation continues to this day, although JS Aviation currently operates as its own company. We are based at Joensuu Airport, Liperi. The company is owned by its Finnish shareholders, professionals who live and breathe aviation. We offer a wide range of air services, be it business flights, cargo flights or patient flights. 

We operate throughout Europe, according to the needs of our customers.


Security is a matter of the heart for us. We do not compromise on safety in any part of our operations.


Air freight is the fastest delivery method compared to sea, road or rail transport when the product is loaded.


Providing the perfect experience is at the heart of everything we do. A smiling and satisfied customer is the best possible feedback for us.


Air freight follows strict rules that allow cargo departure and arrival times to within a few minutes.


Charter flights

A charter flight allows you to maximize your time at your destination and minimize your travel time. 

Ambulance flights

Ambulance flights allow the patient to be transported quickly for treatment when, for example, a serious accident or receiving treatment is otherwise time-critical.


Air freight

Air freight is able to meet the needs of the industry in many different ways with fast deliveries of expensive components.

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