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Fast, safe and when needed

A charter flight allows you to maximize your time at your destination and minimize your travel time. 

You will enjoy the trip on a charter flight

On a private flight, you and your party will be taken directly to your destination on a convenient schedule, with no stopovers, no waiting at congested airports and no change of plane. During the flight, you can use your time efficiently, for example, to prepare for a meeting or appointment in a peaceful environment. 


The benefits speak for themselves


Security is a matter of the heart for us. We do not compromise on safety in any part of our operations. All our operations are based on safety requirements set by EASA and monitored by Traficom. 


For a busy person, flying is the only right way to travel. With a charter flight, you avoid congestion, schedules can be customized according to your own calendar, and when traveling, you can enjoy the ride in peace.


JS Aviation has been in the aviation industry for 40 years. The company is wholly owned by Finnish shareholders who love to fly. 

Customer service

We are especially proud that our service is always customer-oriented and individual. As a result, our customers return to use our services over and over again.

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