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The fastest way to get the best treatment

Ambulance flights allow the patient to be transported quickly for treatment in the event of, for example, a serious accident or otherwise receiving treatment. 

Ambulance flight is safe, fast and practical

The plane is the fastest and also the most comfortable way for the patient on long journeys. If necessary, the medical staff will be able to ensure the patient's well-being.  


The jet is at least as fast in the sky as a scheduled aircraft and is able to both take off and land on smaller airports. For this reason, the patient transfer time is kept as short as possible and treatment is started immediately. 


Patient well-being is paramount

The fastest option

An airplane is the fastest option for patient transfer. The ground speed is almost 900 km / h, which means that even longer journeys go very fast. The speed of access to treatment is the main advantage of ambulance flights. 

Staff included

In an ambulance flight, the medical staff travels with the patient and the patients can be given the necessary treatment during the trip.

Small short runways can be used

​The jets used for ambulance flights can also use smaller airports, so a patient injured on a ski slope, for example, can be transported as close as possible to the scene to receive treatment in the Helsinki metropolitan area, for example. 

Safe environment

There are no other patients or passengers on a private flight, this ensures the most peaceful environment possible and the risk of infection is low. These flights also avoid congested airports as well as unnecessary waiting.

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