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Air freight meets the needs of the industry

The aim is to reduce the number of expensive components in the production chain and make their delivery time as short as possible. Here, air freight is able to meet the needs of the industry in many different ways

Ecological logistics option

As with all modes of transport, air freight also has advantages and disadvantages. In general, air cargo is characterized by low weight and high value. Over the years, air freight has become more important, not only as a pure form of logistics but also as part of the production chain. 


Keep the wheels turning

The fastest option

Air freight is the fastest delivery method compared to sea, road or rail transport, when the product is loaded, it travels at a speed of up to 900 kilometers per hour to the destination. Air freight keeps production facilities operational and costly downtime can be minimized when spare parts arrive quickly.


​Because air cargo, like other air traffic, follows strict rules, it is possible to estimate the departure and arrival time of cargo with an accuracy of a few minutes. In turn, this facilitates the operation of the rest of the distribution chain and creates certainty and regularity in operating models.


Air freight is a very safe way to take goods from one place to another. The possibility of theft and hijacking is very small. The probability of damage is also low, because special attention is paid to loading and the goods cannot move during transport. 


The airport can be located, for example, on an island or behind challenging connections. By using the aircraft, the product is delivered directly without reloading or other time-consuming measures. Smaller airports can also be used, allowing cargo to be delivered as close to the destination as possible. 

​Dangerous substances

In the fall of 2021, Traficom has granted permission to JS Aviation to transport substances classified as hazardous. Thanks to the DGR (Dangerous Goods Review) permit, we also carry out special transports, such as radioactive substances in the pharmaceutical industry. 

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