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JS Aviation

Dedicated to sensible business aviation and flexible air cargo





Business Aviation and Air Cargo for you

JS Aviation is an airline dedicated to meet your travel and logistics needs with sensible solutions that are usable in everyday business. Matching reliable aircraft, professional service and our 30 years of aviation maintenance & support experience means that you will get a solution that works and is tailored to your need.


Our airline is set up not only to cater for your flying needs but also to allow you to make the best use of corporate aircraft. JS Aviation was born out of a need to ensure sensible general aviation solutions in a growingly complex European aviation environment. Our goal is to make sure general aviation is accessible to everyone with specific travel or logistic needs.

Business Flights & Cargo

JS Aviation provides charter flights catered to your needs:


  • Point to point one off flights

  • Scheduled patient transfers for hospitals

  • Group travel

  • Experience flights for travel business resale

  • Just in time cargo deliveries

  • And many other services See more >>

Corporate Aircaft

Make better use of your aircraft:


  • Share aircraft with others to cover costs

  • Take on extra passengers

  • Benefit from economical fuel solutions 

  • Provide logistics capacity to your partners

  • Get quality technical support and airworthiness management

  • And many other options See more >>

Your Business Flight Starts Here

Your shuttle flight starts by clicking on a flight below

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