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Reserve your shuttle flight

JS Aviation offers shuttle flights between Joensuu and Kuopio airports. The shuttle connection, like other modes of transport, is an independent customer  connection to the airport. The customer is responsible for any further connections and related obligations. JS Aviation's service is not connected with  Finnair or flights operated by Finnair. We also offer a return shuttle flight  from Kuopio Airport to Joensuu.

Only hand luggage (max 8kg) is allowed on shuttle flights. This expedites the process of boarding both in Joensuu and for the Finnair flight in Kuopio. Passenger Security Checking is already done in Joensuu. This means that passengers who have themselves completed their check in for their Finnair flight, by eg. mobile application or other means, can  go directly to the Finnair departure gate in Kuopio for boarding with their Finnair boarding pass.  

The flight time between Joensuu and Kuopio is about 30 minutes. Flights are  flown by JS Aviation's own Chieftain Fleet.  

Choose your date of departure and flight by  clicking on the calendar below. This will take you to our reservations engine where you can complete your reservation.

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