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JS Aviation

Your own efficient flight connection 

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Flying efficiency - working time

JS Aviation is an airline that aims to provide sensible flight services for today’s changing needs. Reliable equipment and the company's long-term experience in aeronautical technology and support services create the conditions  good air service solutions. By flying directly to Joensuu, Kuopio, Kajaani,  You save time and costs from Helsinki or elsewhere in Finland.


Our strong technical service expertise also enables efficient support services. JS Aviation was created to simplify aviation services in Europe's increasingly complex aviation environment so that more companies can benefit  the benefits of flying.


Business flights and air freight

JS Aviation operates charter flights as required:


  • Direct flights on a case-by-case basis

  • Patient transfers

  • Business trips for teams and management teams

  • Just in Time freight deliveries

  • Adventure flights for the tourism industry

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Business aircraft

Increase your aircraft's utilization rate:


  • Share machine usage with partners

  • Bring additional passengers

  • Benefit from fuel contracts

  • Provide transport capacity for partners

  • Benefit from quality support and airworthiness monitoring services. 

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