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JS Aviation - your partner in business flights  and air cargo

JS Aviation, a Finnish airline


We think flying should make sense. As a means of day-to-day logistics, air services are part of an efficient business in transporting both special cargo and special people. Expert time is valuable and production chains should not be allowed to break down. Our goal is to combine our technical expertise, reliable aircraft and customer-oriented service in a way that enables the sensible use of flight services in today's businesses and changing operating environment.


JS Aviation is a Finnish airline with almost 40 roots in Joen Service Oy  years of experience in aviation services. We operate from our domicile in Joensuu  by hand in Northern Europe. We work closely with the Finnish Aviation Authority, Traficom, to ensure the production of safe air services in accordance with the rules set by the European Aviation Authority (EASA). Our license FI.AOC.042 enables both passenger and cargo flights and allows us to operate internationally in Europe.


Our aircraft are reliable and suitable for short- and medium-haul flights at an economically reasonable cost level. Our strong expertise in maintenance and airworthiness control also makes us a good partner for managing corporate aircraft. Our services make operating a business aircraft more cost-effective.

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