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JS Aviation Flight Services

Charter flights for companies and groups

Successful meeting and teamwork require seamless logistics and time to focus on the essentials. JS Aviation makes this possible by taking you and your team to the right place and back at the right time. By flying reliable and economical aircraft, we enable both time savings and cost efficiency at the same time. You get the best out of business flying without  crowded scheduled flights  and congested terminals.


JS Aviation is an airline that aims to  solve your company’s logistical challenges with smart flight services in today’s business world. Our long-term experience in aviation services enables reliable operations and functional solutions even in challenging situations.


Air freight

Flexible air freight is a natural extension of efficient business processes. The continuity of the production line and the continuity of services are ensured by timely deliveries of parts and components directly to the nearest airport. The equipment we use is ideal for small and medium-sized deliveries and is therefore a remarkably sensible alternative for large logistics chains.


Business aircraft management

Our airline is part of an aviation service package, within which we offer an efficient management service for the company's own aircraft. The service allows a reasonable increase in the utilization rate of the company's aircraft and at the same time benefits from the benefits available through the services in the form of maintenance, airworthiness control and fuel deliveries. JS Aviation was born to simplify the field of aviation services so that more companies can reap the benefits of flying in their business. JS Aviation is your partner in all aviation services.

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